Linda Jane Smith

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Linda Jane Smith

Erin House Prints have been Linda Jane Smith specialists since 1997.

Her cat pictures fascinated us and we produced a catalogue of her existing work at the time and then added to it as she released more pictures.

Linda Jane Smith Limited Edition prints are very collectable and the edition sizes vary from just 95 to 850 prints depending on the picture. They can appreciate in value and have a loyal following both here and in the USA.

Linda Jane Smith Open prints are produced in much larger quantities and are a low cost introduction to her brilliant work.

Linda Jane Smith has also produced a selection of greeting cards with the same humour as her pictures which we stock.

We also have her most recent book A Tale of Two Kitties.

This is the delightful journal of Agatha Cat, who in 1899 embarked with her daughter Jessica on a remarkable journey.

She was in search of her sister to break the good news of a large inheritance that had been left to them by their Uncle Septimus Felinus.

The search takes them all over the world.

An amusing and extraordinary feline adventure with interactive letters to enjoy en route.

A Beautifully illustrated book throughout which would appeal to any cat lover.

Erin House are the UK specialists in all things Linda Jane Smith, do contact us if you have any questions about her work.